2017 Fall / Winter Farm Share Sign-Up

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Choose what you feel you can afford for a bi-weekly box of veggies from $32-$40, and multiply that number by 7 shares. The totals range from $225 – $275 The sliding scale is simply a financial choice and doesn’t affect the share — that is, the size of each share (a value of $35-$45 average for each share — this reflects 10-15% off of current Farmers Market retail values) remains the same no matter what you choose to pay!
Farm Share Member Commitment
Hooray! I am so excited to have a Farm N’ Wild Wellspring farm share for the Fall/Winter Season of 2017. I understand that Farm N’ Wild Wellspring depends on my financial support for its sustainability and in return Farm N’ Wild Wellspring will provide me with the best produce possible. I understand that I will share in the risk with the farm and agree to excuse them for the seasonal mishaps that might occur. I understand that each share will be different and based upon seasonal availability, weather and other factors contributing to harvest availability. I understand that I am committing to the agreed upon ‘season’ and my pre-payment fees help cover the costs of labor, organic compost, seed, equipment, etc to develop the productivity of the farm, and that no refunds are available.
To hold your space for a full farm share please send at least a $50 deposit (unless we are figuring out a payment plan or you are noncommittal) to wild wellspring 4944 pearl st. ste k. boulder. co. 80301 and bring the remainder of your balance to your first pick-up. (check's payable to 'wild wellspring')
Thank you so much for your support. With gratitude, Krisan